Welcome to our site. By now you’ve probably already noticed a weird name for a website or perhaps the name is the reason for you being here desperately looking for explanations asking yourself, what the hell does this website have to do with the game of thrones. Well, yeah you’re confused with the reason.

The Game of Thrones RPG name of our site kinda has a little background. Where a group of gamers and it kinda goes without saying that we’re into RPG games, that wasn’t really hard to figure out. People usually like RPG games are usually the people who like Dungeons and Dragons tabletops. Now we’re getting somewhere…

The initial idea for this website was actually to house the ruleset for the D&D game. The one that we were initially trying to work on and the one that we were initially going to post here for a free download. It turned out that it was much more work than we could possibly complete before forever so we ruled out the idea and instead made this into a gaming blog.

Since the front already paid for the address and registered it for a longer periods of time we decided to just stick with it for now at least. Hope this clears things up!