Seeing how the year is coming to an end with thought it would be a good idea to summarize what exactly in terms of role-playing this year meant to us. It was definitely a good year with a lot of titles and we’re gonna focus of those that we think are simply the best that this year had to offer.


First off, we have a game called Technomancer. A very unique and previously not very explored approach to well, mancers. So far we had necromancers, hemomancer’s and all different kind of sorcerers manipulating all kinds of primal forces and unconventional elements. This time however your sorcerer feels more like a very skilled engineer and the game itself has more of a sci-fi than a fantasy feeling.

Still doesn’t mean it’s an unconventional RPG. You may expect in-depth level progression, multiple skill trees for both you and your companions, crafting system for both weapons and armor’s. Suffice to say, the biggest focus of this game is clearly going to be on technomancer’s since you play as one yourself.

Moving on to the next title we have Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Now this title is still in development but it has progressed so much during this year that it simply has to be on this list. We don’t know if it’s actually a release before the year ends and to be fair, if it takes more time to develop it would like developers to postpone it since these game looks truly promising.

Now the developers themselves describe their game as a hybrid of many popular games. They said that they wanted to bring their players the open world feeling of Skyrim with the choice and consequences system from the Witcher games while presenting you with the challenges of the Dark Souls combat system. If the developers are to be trusted in this game is truly going to be as described here, it could easily be the best RPG ever made so we are honestly rooting for this one to be a huge success.

The game is set into medieval Europe and it already (in its closed beta state) features stuff like:

  • main story (parts) and site quests
  • progression branching
  • recreation of some historical battles
  • expanded NPC interaction system
  • in-depth developed stealth / assassination system with things like sabotage, takedowns, poisons, the skies system and stealth takedowns
  • a lot of weapons to choose from and define your play style
  • dynamic weather system
  • motion captured cut scenes
  • crime / punishment system
  • lock picking

And this is only beta. If you would like to see this game thrive and succeed, you should definitely visit their site and perhaps support a game or even buy it at its early state to ensure its success?

Believe it or not, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is one of the RPG’s you should definitely pay attention to if you haven’t already. In a time when RPG games are constantly being downgraded and are constantly trying to present them selves in as mature as possible, South Park actually does exactly the opposite taking itself very immaturely but in fact it does a far better job than most of the RPG’s nowadays.

Once again, we get to take the role of a new kid only that this time, we play as superheroes, as much as superheroes and South Park together. The game has been significantly improved and if you play the previous South Park game you will notice some gameplay improvements.

However, the game developer is no longer Obsidian Entertainment so the actual RPG mechanics and the overall writing style is not going to be exactly as you might remember it furthermore, the game is going to be exclusively on uPlay which might be a dealbreaker for many people, ourselves included. If you’re willing to get past these minor setbacks, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is definitely on RPG title to keep yourself busy with in 2016 and have a good laugh while you’re at it.

Perhaps the one that most people are looking forward to the most is of course Divinity: Original Sin II. Being a direct sequel to the previous game called Divinity: Original Sin, the game introduces some familiar yet very expanded RPG elements for the players.

Those familiar with the previous game can expect everything that made great and more from this promising sequel. We say promising because the game is only available as an early access and it might actually take some time before we see the final version yet, knowing Larian Studion, it shouldn’t be too long before that happens.

Once again you may take control of fully customizable and completely undefined characters and choose how to tell their story step-by-step. This time around you may bring up to three friends while you’re at it while in the previous game it was only limited to two players.

Another important edition is a nonlinear quest line which can branch in all kinds of direction allowing for different routes and of course adding replayability value to the game.

Even though it’s still an early access title, the game is very playable an you may hop right into it if you so choose to.

And those would be some of the games that would like to highlight for the year 2016. Hopefully before the end will get at least one more note where the RPG to take her mind of things every now and then. Until we get more games to feature here, keep an eye out for the ones we covered if you haven’t already, Steam Winter Sale is fast approaching and it might be just what you need to get some of these games at a great price.


The Coolest RPG Games of 2016