Rejoice OverWatch fans, new playable character has just entered the fray. This is great news, is always a great news we have our character pool increased especially in a game still new and fresh like OverWatch. It is known for blizzard to keep your games alive for an extended periods of time and this is most definitely not going to be the last character they add to the game.

So, who is Sombra? Was she like and how is she going to affect the gameplay? Let’s find out.


Let’s start with a little back story. Apparently, she just a regular girl who just so happen to be very refined hacker and was doing a lot of hacking after the war was ended, just like many others. The catch here is that no one was even remotely as good as she was. Her hobby became her addiction, her addiction became her way of life so in order to get even better and to get more power, she got cybernetic implants that made her into a mechanized fighter with all kinds of crazy gadgets designed for subterfuge, and manipulation of everything electronic. At least that’s how she’s portrayed it in her back story movie and the “animated short” in which she starred. Sounds kinda cool, right?

Later on, she’s working together with Widowmaker and Reaper on an infiltration mission to eliminate a very important, therefore very well secured figure of a Russian military. Sombra makes her entrance, disables the security systems with ease, displays her battle prowess and evasive movers and abilities (wall running, translocating device and overall agile movement) hinting how she’s way above regular soldiers, even the ones trained to protect high-value targets.

She gets the target, capturing her and holding her at point-blank range yet she does not take a shot but instead blackmails the high-value military official with some incriminating evidence asking simply for a favor every now and then calling it a “friendship”. It is clear that this girl is not to be taken lightly and is probably planning something big for her future.

She also deceives her former comrades into thinking that the target actually escaped when she willingly let her live so that she may benefit from it in the long run. Apparently she holds no allegiances and is siding with whoever she needs to in order to it’s very end.

Now that’s cool and all, but what we’re really interested in is how actually can you play this character? What are her abilities and how will she impact a well-established meta-game of OverWatch?

  • First and foremost, her basic attack is based upon a machine pistol. It is fully automatic and has a short-range spread. This is pretty much like Tracers weapon, but the similarity is yet to be confirmed but for now, it sure looks like that.
  • The second ability is called hack. That is probably the one that is going to be used the most when it comes to this character. What it does is that it temporarily disables the use of abilities for targeted enemy player (pretty much, a silence type of ability) or, you may even use it on first aid kits rendering them completely useless for the enemy team.
  • Thermoptic Camo is her third ability. Needless to say, this is a stealth ability that will make the user completely invisible for short period of time. It will also make the player considerably faster for the duration of invisibility. Attacking or being hit directly or by some areal effect as well as using her offensive abilities will cancel the effect of invisibility( a wind-walk type of ability).
  • Now this is a cool one. Translocator is a portable device that may be placed or thrown wherever you want to. Once in place (or even while il mid-air), Sombra is able to instantly teleport to that location. The applications for an ability like this are numerous and it’s up to you to figure out what use suits you the most.
  • Her ultimate ability is of course a hacking themed ability and it is called EMP. Like the hack ability, this one will do pretty much the same only this time it’s blast radius centered your character. Every enemy caught in the blast will get the effect of hack, the shields will come down and enemy abilities will be disabled for the duration.



This is definitely a very versatile debuffer character and it is obvious that her abilities will be more than useful in many situations. For example, Zarya was featured in the short animated movie starring Sombra at the very ending. To us, this was an indication of a possibly overpowered combo. As we all know, Zarya’s ultimate ability is Gravitation Surge. She is able to pull many characters together in a small area making them unable to move for certain time. Just think of a combo between these two characters. If they could synchronize their play style and their ultimate abilities, it would most certainly leave the enemy team heavily crippled and at a huge disadvantage for period of time.

It’s a cool combo, and a very efficient one, we can already tell but it’s an offensive move. We believe this character will prioritize in defensive play style. For instance, just think about all those ultimate abilities that she can interrupt or intercept if she can read the enemy. Canceling McCree’s Deadeye ultimate ability is definitely going to turn the tables upside down and give her team an instant advantage. And not just McCree, pretty much every ultimate ability can be either canceled or intercepted if the player is skilled and experienced enough to know when the enemy is going to use it so playing Sombra will definitely require some experience in order to maximize her efficiency in the match. But, that can be said for pretty much every character in OverWatch or any competitive game for that matter.

Clearly, this is a very valuable debilitating crowd control character. We can wait to see what you guys may come up with.


Sombra – A New Hacker Character for OverWatch!