One of the most common Internet discussions lately has been Nintendo Switch. If this innovative and apparently revolutionary video game system will feature quite a number of never before seen elements. Not only will it act as a handheld and a regular home console, it will also feature and provide all the means necessary for playing multiplayer games in the co-op versus modes on the go, no matter where you are.

Undoubtedly you’ve already heard much about Switch’s features and many possibilities the console will try to provide for its consumers but one thing specifically interests a large number of gamers. Will this console feature backward compatibility and allow for playing of older titles from previous Nintendo’s systems.

This is a hot topic and Nintendo was silent for some time but now, finally we do have an answer.


From an interview with Nintendo the Japanese Famitsu magazine which asked quite a number of questions about the upcoming console, the Nintendo spokesman confirmed that Switch will not be backwards compatible, at the least when it comes to physical media.

This was to be expected and it never came as much of a surprise. Many gamers suspected as much due to the fact that Nintendo Switch is using memory cartridges instead of game discs which was the case with Wii U for instance.

Also keep in mind that this does not exclude digital backwards compatibility. What could and what most possibly will be the case is that the players will be able to download their digital games. Given the fact that Switch is by far superior console it would not have much problem running previous titles if they were to be optimized to work with it. If this would be the case then Nintendo players would be able to simply log into their accounts and download all the games they previously own to their new system and enjoy them as they have so far.

Also keep in mind that Switch with is not feature a gyroscope or motion sensitivity (at least none has yet been confirmed) which would automatically exclude many of Wii U titles.

But as for the old games like the entire Zelda franchise which is arguably what is selling the consoles for the most part and most of them Mario games would probably have absolutely no problem working on a console like this especially with minor tweaks, control changes and adaptations.


Another great franchise of the system is of course the Pokemon franchise. This is something that many people like to see available on Nintendo switch. Since most of the old games did not require any special gimmick in order to enjoy the games at their fullest we can already see a potential and an opportunity for the entire Pokemon franchise on Nintendo Switch.

Even the games like Pokemon GO will most likely be playable on the latest console given the fact that it has all the standard internet features like a modern smartphone. And what’s even better, the addition of controllers and Internet browser is most likely to allow for specific Pokemon GO mods to be used easily so that the players would be able to play on actually controller while still having all the resources they need to fully enjoy the game.


Will Nintendo Switch Feature Backward Compatibility?