It’s been quite a while since we got to play any sports game with an actual thrilling story or even single player campaign. Nowadays it mostly consists of building a team and fighting your way through countless matches and matches after matches again all the way until you are in the desired league and you’re an absolute champion. We guess can kind of feel good once you actually there but the journey to that specific spot might not be that great. That’s why FIFA17 it comes to absolutely delivers when it comes to this year’s single player mod called The Journey.

This year’s single player mod that may classify as an actual story mod this time around is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a sports game.

You play as Alex Hunter a young, aspiring and very enthusiastic football player (you may call it soccer if you’re from America but for the rest of the world it’s football) as he tries to make his way from the backyard court to a superstar league. We know, it does sound kinda cliché but cliché is completely opposite of what this brilliant addition to this year’s FIFA has to offer.


Instead of going for a personal experience like per se NBA is trying to accomplish with their “MyCareer” game mode which turns out to be slightly worse and worse with every following installment, The Journey deliberately chooses not to be dynamic and options for a very linear yet, branching approach to storytelling. You do not get to choose or customize your character in any way say for his outfit and personality, you are who you are. This made it so much easier for EA Sports to tell a good story which would unfortunately be impossible if they optioned for a more dynamic and personalized approach.


What this means is that the game story will always have a protagonist to revolve around. No matter what your choices are your character, gender and your role will never change. It will never have to try and adopt to a different scenario based on your actions, no everything is already created and it’s up to you only to experience it.

Perhaps we made it sound like it’s way too linear for someone’s taste but rest assured that’s not the case. Despite its being made linear, the game doesn’t really feel that way. Skeptical? Just remember some of the best RPG games like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. There possibly the best story driven RPG’s of our time yet if you think about it they are incredibly linear games and no matter what you do the outcome will always be absolutely the same, especially with the Mass Effect. So yeah, be open-minded when approaching The Journey.

It is also very welcoming to take your mind off of those endless grind sessions and and stop thinking, even for a moment or to make a break from insistently crawling through the web looking for a way to find free FIFA17 coins and points generator.


Other than that we think this is a great opportunity for sports players who perhaps always wanted to try a different kind of game to finally do so without having to leave their comfort zone or cash additional $50 dollars for an RPG or alike video game genre title. Definitely a must play for every football fan.


Despite its linear design, this truly felt like some RPG experience rather than a sports game it was very refreshing and we hope to get much more of The Journey in the following releases of the game, perhaps even a separate downloadable content pack. Great and a very refreshing experience!

FIFA 17 Delivers “The Journey” Delivers!