The hype is on! If you’re one of many Ghost in the Shell fans all around the world that you have more than a lot of reason to be super excited about the upcoming live action movie adaptation of your favorite nineties anime.

In case you haven’t heard, Ghost in the Shell is being made into a long play live-action movie starring none other than Scarlett Johanson as Motoko Kusanagi. We’re not entirely sure if the pic for the lead actress was on spot or not but we can help but notice how every modern action movie is tending to feature Scarlett, even as a side roll just for a couple of shots as of lately. Can’t help but wonder why’s that?


The footage shown in the trailer promises a spectacular computer graphics action and a very consistent recreation of a cyberpunk New Port City and it is only natural that a lot of fans are very excited about this upcoming blockbuster.

Yet, not everybody shares the same enthusiasm when it comes to this movie and frankly speaking, that is for a very solid reason. We’ve all seen how terribly wrong the anime adaptations may go. Just remember or, maybe try to forget what happened with the beloved Dragon Ball and Avatar.

By all quality standards, those movies were solid entries yet when it comes to re-creating the events of the actual TV series one would argue that things could have gotten much worse than they have.


If the movies is handled the weight should be and the director of the adaptation doesn’t deviate too much from the original plot (some deviations are bound to happen however) this could easily be one of the biggest movies of the current decade given the fact how incredibly vast and widespread the fan base of this fiction is. For those reasons exactly the things can take quite be catastrophic all turn should the director or producer decide to experiment too much and take things into their own hands instead of following a script from the original animated movie.


Be as it may, it is very soon to speculate on anything and we should at least stay neutral about it, if not positive. We’ve seen so many comments and so many dislikes on everything about this movie already, people saying how it’s a disaster, how the cast choice is awful and how the movie is already inferior compared to the original.

Were not gonna do that and are instead going to focus on what it can be rather than what it may not come to be and it’s probably for the best of you would do the same if you’re a fan of the original anime.

Ghost in the Shell Live Action Movie Announced!